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What is a cryptocurrency?

Sometimes known as coins, cryptocurrencies are a 21st-century creation — a mixture of digital assets, huge amounts of computing power and a network of servers on which to store shared data.

Unlike everyday money, they are decentralised — meaning they are not issued or guaranteed by central banks and therefore fall outside the purview of regulators. The currencies are secured against hacking by cryptography and can be converted into real-world money anonymously.

You may have heard about crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero and more. These cryptocurrencies have different characteristics, which allow users to treat them very differently. That, in turn, partly underpins their appeal and valuations.

With emphasies to Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency sees itself as an alternative to central bank currency online with a market capitalisation of hundreds of billions of dollars, this cryptocurrency is widely accepted by online merchants and can actually exchange it for real-world currencies.

It is important to note that the value of bitcoin is determined by market sentiments which in turn determines its volatility as history has never been fair about how humans treat a decentralised monetary system. But the case of bitcoin is a little different because some of its units are reserved and reinvested into evolving the currency and many platforms have a way of charging the users of the cryptocurrency on their platforms which in turn affects it pricing and volatilty.

Some Commodity businesses now accept this cryptocurrency as means of payment while some platforms enthusiasts, semi-institutional names and even some hedge funds have sought to invest in cryptocurrency projects.

Whether bitcoin would enter the mainstream of finance? Time will tell but looking at its wide range of acceptance, this cryptocurrency might stand the chance. For instance, in Utah recently bitcoin was used to close a real estate deal. As of October 2017 Kayla Matthews reported 5 cities You Buy Real Estate with Bitcoin.
We think bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency more like an asset in the real-world and not as paper money or real currency even though it's an acceptable means of exchange these days but it not yet accepted by everyone.


While thinking about being part of this new-age online currencies it is also important to ensure you choose the right platform to deal your bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

When choosing a platform, you should pay serious attention to the following:

Longevity and Security:
It is important to know how long the platform has been in existence. Some platforms are not built to last which poses the risk of losing your cryptocurrency asset if they suddenly shutdown. Be sure the platform is secure one and it is best to choosing the platform that is available in your country. Some of these platforms have escrow function embedded to protect your buying, trading and selling your cryptocurrency on their platform - this also offers security.

History and Management Team:
If the platform does not have any history leading to its set-up, you should just be careful taking your money there. Always look-out for the details of those who run the platform and their investment backing - yes every platform has investors who fund the development its projects.

Customer Complaint Section:
This is very important, looking at the customer complaint shows you what you are most likely to face on the platform. Know if the errors are the sort you can live with.

Always apply caution when dealing with this form of assets, monitor its market movements as it flunctuates. Sometimes if you have a hunch to sell, you should endeavor to take the right measures to sell.

At JATB, we can do this monitoring for you. How is this done? Once you are part of us and we credit your account with us with the amount in money value, we will ensure that your returns come in frequently and our investment team know when to pull-out of any trading platform once there is a slight sign of instability. Whatever it is, we got your back.


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