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We usually refer to this feature as our most unique service and reason for existence as its creation was borne from the need to create a bridge between Lenders and Borrowers from different locations. Even till this day, individuals have tapped into benefit of this service to relocate their unique and special assets to their desired location. Find out how this works here.

To enjoy this service, you have to either be a stakeholder or be introduced by a stakeholder. To be a stakeholder you are either of the following:

- Shareholder
- Account Holder (an individual or a business)
- Partner
- A person has invested in the course of executing our services or social responsibility.

You could either be a Lender to a Borrower who uses our platform or a Borrower to a Lender who employs our services. Either way, you are covered.

If your Lender is located here in the US, your Lender may introduce us to the nature of the transaction between both parties and both can have access to enjoy our service. More details of these steps are not available for public viewing but is usually made available to both parties at the point agreement or transaction.

Whatever the arrangement is you have to set-up an account with us.

How it works:

Have a Lender or Borrower that is located far away from you.
Let us into the details of transactions
We will send you advise on the best way possible
We discuss closing/delivery procedures, including fees and security protocols
Any or Both parties set-up a free account with us.
We deliver to the receiving party.

Please note, the receiving party has to open account with us before we can deliver because the sending party could send payments to us without even setting up an account through our payment processors. Foreign borrowers/lenders prefer us. This service is not limited to lenders and borrowers only.

We can also make payments on bank letter of credit or guarantee, message us to find out more.


Latest News PLEASE NOTE - Joint American Trust Bank (JATB) Changing Gears

It is imperative that we notify our clients/customers, shareholders/investors that JATB is going through a phase in our polio-review. JATB is still committed to giving the same outstanding service but in a better and clearer manner. Due to this polio-review, JATB may unveil new service designs this would not in any way affect your account status as our client or your financial position as a shareholder or investor.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and we guarantee this would not affect any financial engagement on the platform. We apologize for posting this now, we only wanted to make sure we are ready for the paradigm shift. For further information, please contact the Joint American Trust Bank Client services team on info@jointatb.com (7am to 5pm PST daily).

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