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The Structured Product range from Joint American Trust is designed to provide a variety of capital protected Structured Deposits and Investment solutions to take advantage of economic and market trends.

Plans currently open to investment / deposits are listed below with closing dates. For each Plan's full details, please see the relevant Term Sheets and Product Guides. Where possible we also provide sales aids and draft suitability letter paragraphs, aimed at helping professional financial advisers to clearly explain our plans to your clients.

For a better understanding of our full Structured Product range please visit Our Structured Products Explained.

Current Structured Products

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The inclusion of a product on this site does not indicate its suitability to an individual's needs. Advice with regard to the suitability of structured products should only be obtained from a Financial Adviser.




Latest News PLEASE NOTE - Joint American Trust Bank (JATB) Changing Gears

It is imperative that we notify our clients/customers, shareholders/investors that JATB is going through a phase in our polio-review. JATB is still committed to giving the same outstanding service but in a better and clearer manner. Due to this polio-review, JATB may unveil new service designs this would not in any way affect your account status as our client or your financial position as a shareholder or investor.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and we guarantee this would not affect any financial engagement on the platform. We apologize for posting this now, we only wanted to make sure we are ready for the paradigm shift. For further information, please contact the Joint American Trust Bank Client services team on info@jointatb.com (7am to 5pm PST daily).

Investment Products: Are Not FDIC Insured | Are Not Bank Guaranteed | May Lose Value
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